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360° Workplace Coaching    

In many organizations, ongoing issues hover in the background creating tension and limiting productivity and progress. 

Organizational politics can make it difficult for someone in the organization to break through those issues. 

Dave comes in as an outsider, and coaches the key people in the organization in order to gather a candid and confidential picture of the issues. 

He then confidentially coaches each person toward solutions mutually beneficial for the team members and the organization.

It is genius, and it works. Coaching can be with a single person on a single issue, or with several people.


Team members who have been difficult begin to cooperate and blend with the team in new ways.


Managers who have not been listening, begin to see through new eyes, and move toward resolving longstanding problems.


Aloof team members finally become accountable, and are held to a process of positive change.


Problem employees become productive employees.


Relationship difficulties become smoother and less of a hindrance to the organizational goals.

Dave will meet with the primaries in the company (owners or upper management). A list of key members in the organization for coaching is developed, along with issues that can be addressed and explored in the coaching. The primaries initiate the Workplace Coaching Program as a professional development initiative. Dave then contacts each member, and begins to coach individually. Coaching is confidential, so that members feel free to discuss all issues. As the coaching progresses, the primaries in the organization evaluate the process as the actions of their participants begin to change, and issues begin to disappear, and results are produced. 

Rates for 360 Workplace Coaching can be as low as $55 per hour, depending on how many are coached and how often. 


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