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What do the Clients say?


“Dave’s coaching has had a huge impact on my growth over the last two years, the biggest impact coming from the concept MyBox-YourBox. I had never sat down and thought about separating the things that are in my box from the things that aren’t. It was truly a revelation when I realized that I am not responsible for those things that are outside of my control. What a sense of freedom to let go. I use the concept all the time in work relationships, family and extended family, and often explain it to others who have noticed a change in me. It is a regular exercise for me now to sit down, draw two boxes, and start sorting through a frustrating experience or confusing relationship. It works every time!”  - CO


Recent Comments from Clients

"The coaching has been very helpful. It's an unbiased, second opinion, and the tools, exercises, and homework are all very helpful." 

"The first coaching session with you turned out to be the most important conversation I have ever had in my life." 

"I do not know where my life would be today had it not been for this coaching experience."

"We have been doing this for 2 years now, and it is the best 1 hour of my week. I find here a place to process things aloud, to decide on action plans, and to be held to the grindstone."

"With Dave's help I have been able to let go of things that I have no control over, and relax. What a relief."

"I would not be pursuing my love of oil painting were it not for Dave unlocking that part of my artistic desire, and helping pursue an action plan that will make art a part of my retirement income and enjoyment."

Costal Pacific Xpress (CPX) 

I feel that of all the helping professions, Coaching is the most suitable and useful for the CPX community. It is intended to empower a person to discover their potential solutions, action steps and personal capability. Over time, an individual should only become that much stronger and insightful. Given CPX's goal focused work environment, a Coaching service should reinforce accountability and generate clarity. 

Dave offers good insight to problems and situations. It was very good to use Dave to bounce ideas and thoughts off of, that might be uncomfortable talking to anyone else about. Stimulates the mind by asking questions that helps get the mind thinking in different directions. 

Dave is a wonderful individual that helps me in many ways. I feel I am a better person for having met him. 

Dave has been a great help in my first few months at CPX.  Our weekly sessions really kept me on track because those first few weeks at a new job can be very difficult.  One of the trying things about a new job is that you haven't developed any deeper relationships with co-workers yet and so it is hard to find someone to confide in about any issues, or just someone to talk out loud to.  Dave really helped me work through my frustrations after leaving a job where I was a "go-to" person for others to now being the one who needed help.  He is also really helping me assimilate and re-enforce all the tools I am learning in the 7 Habits Maximiser & Crucial Conversations courses.  Dave, there was no "strongly, strongly agree" box, but I would have checked it off if there had been!    Thanks for everything. 

I think for New Hire Staff, this coaching program would benefit greatly. I would have loved to have this when I first started. 

This has been a trying period in my life and coaching has benefited me greatly. It has helped mostly in giving different views to work from, enabling me to look at issues from a different perspective. For that I am extremely thankful. 

The coaching experience has helped me to set objectives in dealing with important issues and has caused me to be more personally accountable for meeting these objectives.  Dave is an excellent listener and a skilled communicator who sets people at ease and helps them grow. 

I have been thoroughly impressed with this coaching opportunity.  It has made me think with an alternative perspective and recognize my personal growth potential.  It is "OK" to learn!!!!!  Thank you very much.

I always look forward to my coaching sessions with Dave.  He manages to pinpoint something that I may know deep down but have not allowed myself to admit yet.  I have made changes to my daily tasks and have seen benefit in this area.  It's good to explore interpersonal issues with someone who is a third party but wants to see everyone in the situation benefit. 

I really enjoy working with Dave as a coach and have been given a very valuable tool.  "Your box my box"  I use it on a daily basis.  If I can't control it or change it then it does not belong in my box.  Simple and it works    Thanks Dave 

I would like to say thank you to Dave for all your support and understanding. Working with Dave has allowed me to analyze my habits and attain new heights in success by breaking down the process and finding new patterns designed for me.     Thanks Dave.

Hydraulic Technologies Inc. (HTI)  

Dave Edwards has been coaching middle and upper management at HTI since September 2007... The result has been a coming together of employees and departments into a true team, working together for... (read more)

Tracy N.

My life was enriched by the coaching Dave offered me at a critical time in my life. I was at a career transition, feeling the pressure of supporting a growing family, and not knowing what direction I should take for my future. My financial situation was in a tough bind because of a lack of work, and my spiritual life was undergoing a radical overhaul. Dave asked me the questions that lead me to discover that I really enjoyed working with computers, although I had no formal training. So I decided to pursue a career in technology and received some accredited training. After serving as a Computer Systems Administrator for 6 years, I became the Manager of Technology for a school division. I love my job, and am exactly where I am supposed to be. In addition, Dave gave me the direction with my spiritual overhaul that helped me to hear God’s direction in my life amidst the trials I was facing.

Dave’s ability to listen without rushing the process, along with his sound advice is truly a gift. He was able to help me take the blinders off and see the big picture. "Thanks for being there for me Dave, and for offering the encouragement I needed. I will be forever grateful."

 Wendy J. 

My sessions with Dave were my way of having a special space and time to fully explore and speak my truth with an anonymous witness and guide – which Dave has fully been – a non-judgmental reflection of what I present to him. 

Through his intuitive and sensitively asked questions, I discovered for myself, deep insights and understandings of who I am in the choices I’ve been making with my work, relationships and where I want to live – all areas that I have explored during my sessions.

In making my chosen changes in each of these arenas of my life, I’ve dropped even more from my head to my heart, I have a deepened experience of my relationship with God and am experiencing a renewed sense of passion, adventure and gratitude for my life, which was my main big goal in doing sessions with Dave to start with!

Sheryl D. - Wife, Mom, Business Owner 

I first approached Dave as my life coach because I knew I needed some guidance with some issues regarding my marriage and life in general. The funny thing is I thought that I needed some serious counselling, but as I started the life coaching process I realized the coaching allowed ME to work through my troubles and frustrations. My marriage circumstances are not completely healed but the principles and techniques of developing healthy boundaries allow me to work through the rough spots. With Dave's mentoring and coaching, I am able to manage some order in dealing with a husband, kids, a couple of dogs and my own business. I will be forever grateful for the peace that comes in having someone to help in all areas of my life.

Travis Bryerton, Principal, Heritage Christian School 

 ....Shortly after serving as our school’s Board Chairman, Dave was asked to come back during a crisis and serve by providing his non-binding recommendation after more than 30 hours of mediation with our Board of Directors, the vice-principal at that time, and myself. Due largely in part to the ability and skills he demonstrated to me from that mediation, I felt very confident... (read more)

Adele Burchart, Barrister & Solicitor

 I am a lawyer by profession, wife to a husband in highly demanding career, and mom of two children who lead active lives that we are very involved in.  My husband and I have known Dave Edwards, and experienced and been witness to his leading, teaching and counsel, for over fourteen years. 

 Through Dave, I have learned invaluable life skills, such as ... (read more)

Paula A. 

     "When I started my coaching contract with Dave I was at a flat point in my life, knowing that I wanted to make changes but not sure what or when.  Within 2 months I resigned from my job and started a new business; all with my purpose firmly in place in front of me. 
     During this time my passion for life has greatly increased as a result of knowing what I want to do and accomplish in life.  I was also coached on making these changes gracefully and artfully as there are always other people involved.   
     He asked the right questions to help me find my way and even on the days when I didn’t know what I wanted to talk about he skilfully pulled my deepest truth out of me and was able to help me get on track.  He instils a desire to take action to fulfill the deeper purpose, and encourages with skilfully placed questions and insights.  

     I recommend Dave as a coach to anyone, regardless of their walk in life, who is looking to find and live a deeper purpose, passion and meaning to life and wanting to take action to fulfill big dreams."





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