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Edwards Executive Coaching and Consulting Privacy Policy

We respect the privacy of our newsletter subscribers, those who answer our surveys, or those who fill out our questionnaires. This is our policy:

Minimum Information: We normally collect the minimum information such as name and email address so that we can send out a newsletter. The only time we collect more information is in the case of a survey or questionnaire, the data for which are only used for private discussion purposes, and are never disclosed to anyone beyond our private conversation, and are stored securely for short periods time.

Choice and consent. We give visitors and newsletter subscribers choice and consent over how their personal information is used, and remove names and email addresses immediately upon request.

Third party use.  We do not sell, rent, or loan our subscriber or customer lists to third parties for e-mail marketing.

Unsubscriptions. We immediately unsubscribe those who request it. Sometimes people subscribe for their friends, and while we cannot prevent that, our welcome message to subscribers -- and every issue of our free newsletter -- explains how to subscribe.

Cookies. We use cookies to make it easy to order a second time, to allow subscribers to store passwords in cookies if they desire, and to greet our visitors by name when they return. We do NOT collect or use this information from cookies to develop a profile about our clients.

Security. We store subscriber and password files with personal information in a secure manner. We store such files in areas not accessible to Web browsers, or behind password protection, or off-line.









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